AVERY HARDOLL CLOCK FACE Model: 288 – 1930’s


Manufacturer and Design

  • Manufacturer: Avery Hardoll Ltd., a renowned British company specializing in petrol pumps and related equipment.
  • Design: The Model 288 features a distinctive clock face design, which was a common feature in early petrol pumps to provide accurate measurement of the dispensed fuel. This model is part of the evolution of petrol pumps that transitioned from hand-cranked mechanisms to more sophisticated, electrically powered devices.

Specifications and Features

  • Era: 1930s, a period marked by significant advancements in petrol pump technology.
  • Construction: Typically constructed from durable materials like cast iron and steel to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Clock Face: The prominent feature is the large, easy-to-read clock face, which helped attendants and customers alike to see the exact amount of fuel dispensed.

Legacy and Importance

  • Historical Significance: The Avery Hardoll Model 288 represents the technological progress in fuel dispensing during the early 20th century. It is a sought-after item among collectors of vintage petroliana due to its historical value and unique design.
  • Cultural Impact: These pumps were not just functional but also served as advertising tools for gasoline brands, featuring bright colors and logos to attract customers.
  • Rarity: As a model from the 1930s, finding an Avery Hardoll 288 in good condition is rare, making it a valuable piece for museums and private collections.

Interesting Facts

  • Technological Advancement: The transition from manual to electric pumps during this era marked a significant improvement in efficiency and accuracy in fuel dispensing.
  • Restoration: Restored versions of the Avery Hardoll 288 are highly prized, often featured in museums and by vintage car enthusiasts who value the authentic look and feel of period-correct gas stations.

Collecting and Preservation

    • Market Value: Due to their rarity and historical significance, Avery Hardoll 288 pumps can fetch high prices among collectors.
  • Restoration Projects: Companies specializing in vintage petrol pump restoration, such as UK Restoration, often take on projects to bring these pieces back to their former glory, preserving their historical accuracy and functionality​ (Helderberg Motorcycle Museum)​​


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