Itom Astor Sport – 50cc – 1963



Frame No: IGM-19773 1276

Engine No: 155026:N


Itom, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, produced the Astor Sport 50cc in 1963, representing an era of small-displacement motorcycles popularized for urban commuting and leisure riding.


Engine: The Astor Sport is equipped with a 50cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine, providing efficient power for urban commuting and light recreational use.

Frame No: The frame is identified as IGM 19773 1276, providing unique identification for traceability and registration purposes.

Engine No: The engine is marked with serial number 155026/N, indicating its production sequence and possibly some variant identification.

Transmission: Fitted with a manual gearbox, typically featuring multiple gears for optimal performance across various speed ranges.

Suspension: Incorporates front telescopic forks and a rear swingarm suspension system, offering a comfortable ride over uneven road surfaces.

Brakes: Utilizes drum brakes, both front and rear, for reliable stopping power under typical urban riding conditions.

Weight: Lightweight construction facilitates easy maneuverability and handling, particularly in congested urban environments.

Dimensions: Compact dimensions are tailored for urban mobility and efficient parking in tight spaces.

Fuel capacity: Features a modest fuel tank capacity suitable for short-distance rides and urban commuting.

Manufacturer Design:

Itom designed the Astor Sport with a focus on practicality, reliability, and affordability, catering to the needs of urban commuters and leisure riders.

The frame construction prioritizes lightweight materials and sturdy construction to ensure durability and agility on city streets.

Styling cues reflect the trends of the era, with sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics contributing to the scooter’s timeless appeal.


The Itom Astor Sport 50cc played a significant role in providing affordable and accessible transportation to a wide range of riders during the 1960s.

Its reputation for reliability and efficiency solidified Itom’s position as a respected manufacturer of small-displacement motorcycles and scooters.

While production ceased decades ago, the Astor Sport remains a nostalgic icon for enthusiasts and collectors of vintage motorcycles.

Interesting Facts:

Despite its small engine displacement, the Astor Sport offered spirited performance and nimble handling, making it a popular choice for urban commuting and recreational riding.

Itom’s innovative engineering solutions, such as its efficient two-stroke engine technology, contributed to the Astor Sport’s reputation for reliability and fuel efficiency.

The Astor Sport’s compact size and lightweight design made it easy to handle for riders of all skill levels, contributing to its widespread popularity.


Vintage Itom Astor Sport 50cc motorcycles, especially those from the early 1960s like the one displayed, are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Factors contributing to its collectibility include its historical significance, limited availability, and unique design.

Well-preserved examples of the Astor Sport, with matching frame and engine numbers, command significant value in the collector market.


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