Embark on a Thrilling Journey Through  Motorcycle History

Immerse yourself in the rich legacy of motorcycling as you explore over 200 meticulously restored motorcycles, spanning from the early 1910s to 1974 Each bike is a masterpiece, a testament to 12 years of dedication, breathing life into the past with passion and resilience. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Our museum proudly unveils an exclusive showcase of state-of-the-art Modern Classic motorbikes.

Here, innovation meets rarity, seamlessly bridging the timeless charm of vintage bikes with the cutting-edge features of the future on two wheels. More than just a collection, our museum is a living testament to the vibrant evolution of motorcycles.  Dreams and history coexist under one roof, creating a unique space you won’t find anywhere else in South Africa.

 Admission Rates:

🎟️  Adults: R100

🎟️ Senior Citizens: R50

🎟️  Kids (under 12): Free

Special Discounts for Biker Crews & Groups (Contact Natasha for details)

Purchase on-site (card, cash, or EFT)

For added convenience, secure your tickets online or (gift vouchers)

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Rev Up Your Adventure, on Flavourful Journeys

Gear up for a dual delight!

Our museum invites you to explore the rich history of motorcycles, where every exhibit tells a story of power, passion, and innovation. As you immerse yourself in the roar of engines and the evolution of iconic modern bikes, our restaurant beckons with a culinary ride that mirrors the spirit of the open road. From bold flavours to a welcoming ambiance, savour the taste of adventure with every bite.

Embrace the fusion of horsepower and gourmet delights, making your visit not just a journey through time but a sensory escapade. Whether you ride in on two wheels or simply seek an unforgettable experience, our destination is where the thrill of the ride meets the joy of indulgence.

Are you ready to ignite your senses?

Join us at where the essence of motorcycles meets the artistry of flavour.

Rev up, dine in, and relish the extraordinary!

Donate to the Museum

At the Helderberg Motorcycle Museum, we preserve the rich heritage of motorcycling for future generations. Your generous donations of vintage bikes and parts are crucial in helping us maintain and expand our collection. By donating, you not only share a piece of history but also ensure that the legacy of these incredible machines continues to inspire and educate enthusiasts and visitors alike.

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