Benelli Mini Cross 50cc – 1967


Frame No: M 461416 G.O. BEN

Engine No: 459001

The Benelli Mini Cross 50cc, produced in 1967, is a notable and iconic mini dirt bike that holds historical significance. Here are some interesting and important details about the Benelli Mini Cross from that era:


The Benelli Mini Cross 50cc was manufactured by Benelli, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer with a rich history in producing motorcycles, scooters, and mini bikes.

Introduction Year

The model was introduced in 1967, reflecting an era when mini bikes and small- displacement motorcycles gained popularity for recreational and off-road use.

Engine Specifications

Powered by a 50cc engine, the Benelli Mini Cross was designed for off-road adventures. The small engine size made it accessible to a wide range of riders, including younger enthusiasts.

Mini Dirt Bike Design

The Benelli Mini Cross featured a design typical of mini dirt bikes, with knobby tires, a lightweight frame, and a compact build. Its design was tailored for off-road performance and maneuverability.

Italian Engineering

Known for their engineering prowess, Italian motorcycles often combine performance with style. The Benelli Mini Cross is likely to reflect the quality craftsmanship associated with Italian manufacturing.

Popularity in Motocross

Mini bikes, including the Benelli Mini Cross, played a role in the early days of motocross racing. These bikes were often used for youth races and became popular for their agility and ease of handling on dirt tracks.

Cultural Impact

In the 1960s, there was a surge in interest in motorcycling culture. Mini bikes, with their accessible size and off-road capabilities, became cultural symbols, contributing to the broader motorcycle enthusiasm of the era.


Vintage mini bikes, especially those with historical significance like the Benelli Mini Cross, are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Their compact size, distinctive design, and association with motocross make them valuable additions to collections.

Role in Youth Riding

The Benelli Mini Cross, with its 50cc engine, was suitable for younger riders. It played a role in introducing a new generation to the thrill of off-road riding and motocross.

Restoration Projects

Enthusiasts and collectors often engage in restoration projects to bring vintage mini bikes like the Benelli Mini Cross back to their original glory. Finding authentic parts and preserving the bike’s historical accuracy are common aspects of such projects.

The Benelli Mini Cross 50cc from 1967 represents a chapter in the history of off-road riding and the evolution of mini bikes. Its design, performance, and cultural impact make it a fascinating piece for enthusiasts exploring the world of vintage motorcycles.

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