Brockhouse 98cc Corgi MkI – 1948



Frame No: 1923 M&B 17032

The Brockhouse 98cc Corgi MkI was manufactured by Brockhouse Engineering (Southport) Ltd., a British company based in Southport, England. Here are some interesting and important details about the Brockhouse Corgi:

Post-War Transportation

The Brockhouse Corgi was introduced in the post-World War II era when there was a demand for affordable and practical transportation solutions. Motorcycles and scooters like the Corgi provided economical alternatives to traditional automobiles.

Lightweight and Portable

The Corgi was designed as a lightweight and portable motorcycle, weighing around 90 pounds (40 kg). Its small size and foldable handlebars made it convenient for storage and transportation, appealing to riders looking for a compact vehicle.

Simple Design

The Corgi MkI featured a simple design with a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with a displacement of 98cc. Its straightforward construction made it easy to maintain and repair, which was advantageous for riders with limited mechanical knowledge or access to professional mechanics.

Utility and Versatility

While the Corgi MkI was primarily marketed as a personal transportation device, it also found utility in various commercial applications. It was used by postal workers, delivery services, and even by military personnel for short-distance travel and reconnaissance.

Iconic British Design

The Brockhouse Corgi is considered an iconic British motorcycle, representing the ingenuity and resilience of post-war British engineering. Its distinctive appearance, with its small wheels, compact frame, and minimalist styling, has made it recognizable among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Historical Significance

The Corgi MkI holds historical significance as one of the early examples of lightweight motorcycles designed for mass production. Its introduction marked a shift towards smaller, more economical vehicles in the post-war period, reflecting changing consumer preferences and economic realities.

Collector’s Item

Vintage Brockhouse Corgi motorcycles, especially the MkI models from the late 1940s, are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Restored examples are prized for their historical value, unique design, and representation of a bygone era in motorcycle manufacturing.

Overall, the Brockhouse 98cc Corgi MkI represents an important chapter in the history of British motorcycles, embodying innovation, practicality, and adaptability in the post-war era. 

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