Garelli Super Sport – 1963



Serial No: 3162476

Italian Excellence

The Garelli Super Sport showcased Italy’s prowess in motorcycle manufacturing, known for its precision engineering and stylish design.

Sporty Performance

As a “Super Sport” model, it offered enhanced performance and agility, providing riders with an exhilarating riding experience.

Timeless Design

Produced in 1963, the Super Sport boasted a classic design that captured the essence of 1960s motorcycle styling, featuring sleek lines and elegant curves.

Unique Serial Number

The Serial No (3162476) is a specific identifier, offering valuable insights into the manufacturing and history of this individual Super Sport model.

Cultural Impact

The Garelli Super Sport left a lasting impact on motorcycle culture, symbolizing an era of speed, excitement, and youthful adventure.

Collector’s Item

Due to its vintage status and historical significance, the Super Sport is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, commanding attention and value in the vintage motorcycle market.

Enduring Legacy

Even decades after its production, the Garelli Super Sport continues to be celebrated and admired by riders, serving as a reminder of Garelli’s contribution to motorcycle history.


The Garelli Super Sport was manufactured by Garelli, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer known for its innovative and stylish two-wheelers.


The Super Sport was introduced in 1963, reflecting a period of design innovation and technological advancement in the motorcycle industry. It aimed to offer riders a combination of performance, style, and reliability.

Frame and Engine Numbers

The provided serial number (3162476) serves as a unique identifier for the motorcycle, crucial for registration, identification, and historical documentation purposes.

Technical Specifications

The Garelli Super Sport was equipped with a two-stroke engine, delivering respectable power and performance for its size. It likely featured a manual transmission and other standard motorcycle components of the era.

Stylish Design

The Super Sport boasted a sleek and sporty design characteristic of Italian motorcycles of the era. Its aerodynamic fairings, chrome accents, and attention to detail contributed to its aesthetic appeal.


With its balanced performance and comfortable riding position, the Garelli Super Sport was practical for riders seeking a blend of style and functionality. It offered a thrilling riding experience while remaining manageable for daily commuting and leisure riding.

Cultural Significance

The Super Sport held cultural significance as a symbol of Italian design and craftsmanship. It represented the passion and creativity of Italian motorcycle manufacturers during the mid-20th century and remains a nostalgic icon for enthusiasts worldwide.

Historical Legacy

The Garelli Super Sport left a lasting legacy in the motorcycle industry, reflecting Garelli’s dedication to producing high-quality and innovative motorcycles. It remains a sought-after collector’s item among enthusiasts for its historical significance and timeless design.

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