Honda SS50 Super Sport – 1972

Frame No: SS50Z – 203388

Engine No: SS50ZE 203177

Sporty Design

The Honda SS50 Super Sport boasted a sleek and sporty design, reflecting its performance-oriented nature and setting it apart from other small-displacement motorcycles of its time.

Performance Heritage

As part of Honda’s “Super Sport” lineup, the SS50 was designed to deliver enhanced performance and handling, providing riders with an exhilarating riding experience.

Compact Powerhouse

Despite its small size, the SS50 packed a punch with its high-revving engine, offering impressive acceleration and agility for urban commuting and spirited riding.

Unique Identification

The Frame No (SS50Z – 203388) and Engine No (SS50ZE 203177) serve as distinctive identifiers, providing specific details about this particular SS50 model’s manufacturing and history.

Cultural Icon

The Honda SS50 Super Sport holds a special place in motorcycle culture, cherished by enthusiasts for its combination of style, performance, and reliability.

Collector’s Appeal

Due to its vintage status and historical significance, the SS50 Super Sport is highly sought after by collectors, commanding attention and value in the vintage motorcycle market.

Continued Enthusiasm

Even decades after its production, the Honda SS50 Super Sport continues to inspire enthusiasm and admiration among riders, showcasing Honda’s enduring legacy in the motorcycle industry.


The Honda SS50 Super Sport was manufactured by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., a renowned Japanese multinational corporation known for its innovative motorcycles and automotive products.


The SS50 Super Sport was introduced in 1972, representing a period of growth and expansion for Honda in the global motorcycle market. It was designed to be a sporty and stylish commuter motorcycle, offering reliable performance for urban riding.

Frame and Engine Numbers

The provided frame number (SS50Z – 203388) and engine number (SS50ZE 203177) serve as unique identifiers for the motorcycle, crucial for registration, identification, and historical documentation purposes.

Technical Specifications

The Honda SS50 Super Sport was equipped with a two-stroke, 49cc engine, delivering sufficient power for urban commuting and short-distance travel. It featured a manual transmission, providing riders with precise control over their riding experience.

Stylish Design

The SS50 Super Sport boasted a sporty and sleek design characteristic of Honda motorcycles of the era. Its streamlined bodywork, chrome accents, and vibrant color schemes contributed to its aesthetic appeal.


With its small engine size and nimble handling, the Honda SS50 Super Sport was practical for riders seeking an economical and reliable mode of transportation for daily commuting and leisure riding.

Cultural Significance

The SS50 Super Sport held cultural significance as a symbol of youth and freedom for riders, particularly among urban commuters and young enthusiasts. It represented the spirit of independence and adventure associated with motorcycling.

Historical Legacy

The SS50 Super Sport left a lasting legacy in the motorcycle industry, reflecting Honda’s commitment to innovation and performance. It remains a cherished collector’s item among enthusiasts for its design, performance, and historical significance.


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