Heinkel Tourist 103A-0 174cc – 1956



Frame No: 157077

Engine No:452361

The Heinkel Tourist 103A-0 174cc was manufactured by Ernst Heinkel AG, German aircraft manufacturer turned motorcycle and scooter producer.

German Engineering

Heinkel was known for its engineering prowess, particularly in aircraft design. This expertise translated into their motorcycles and scooters, ensuring a high level of quality and innovation.

Innovative Design

The Heinkel Tourist was renowned for its distinctive design features, including its unique front suspension system called the “Peraves Swingarm.” This suspension setup provided improved handling and stability, especially on rough roads.


Heinkel motorcycles and scooters were prized for their reliability and durability. The Tourist 103A-0 was designed for comfortable long-distance touring, making it a popular choice among riders seeking dependable transportation.

Step-Through Design

Like many scooters of its time, the Heinkel Tourist featured a step-through design, making it easy to mount and dismount. This design also offered ample storage space beneath the seat, ideal for carrying luggage or groceries.


The Heinkel Tourist gained popularity not only in Germany but also in various export markets. Its reputation for quality and performance helped it become a sought-after model among scooter enthusiasts worldwide.

Cultural Impact

The Heinkel Tourist, along with other scooters of its era, played a significant role in post-war mobility. It provided affordable and efficient transportation for individuals and families, contributing to the economic recovery and societal changes of the time.


Vintage Heinkel Tourist scooters are highly collectible today, cherished by enthusiasts for their historical significance and engineering excellence. Restored examples often command attention at motorcycle shows and events.

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