FBM Gambiani 125cc – 1950


The F.B.M. Gambiani 125cc was manufactured by Fabbrica Bolognese Motocicli (F.B.M.),

an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. F.B.M. was founded in 1932 and was known for producing a range of motorcycles and scooters.

The Gambiani 125cc was one of their models produced around the 1950s.

Italian Craftsmanship

Like many motorcycles of its era, the F.B.M. Gambiani 125cc was crafted with attention to detail and quality Italian craftsmanship. Italian motorcycles of this era were often prized for their design and performance.

Two-Stroke Engine

The Gambiani 125cc likely featured a two-stroke engine, a common choice for motorcycles of that time due to its simplicity and lightweight design. Two-stroke engines were known for their agility and high-revving nature.

Design Influences

Italian motorcycle manufacturers were heavily influenced by racing, and this influence often translated into their road-going models. The F.B.M. Gambiani 125cc may have incorporated design elements or technology derived from F.B.M.’s racing experience.

Distinctive Design

Sporting a unique design emblematic of 1950s styling trends, setting it apart from its contemporaries.

Post-War Era

The 1950s marked the post-war period for many European countries, including Italy. Motorcycle manufacturers like F.B.M. played a crucial role in providing affordable transportation for the masses during this time of reconstruction and economic recovery.


Vintage motorcycles like the F.B.M. Gambiani 125cc are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts today. They represent a nostalgic era of motorcycling history and showcase the engineering and design trends of the time.

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