Beta Cosmocio 48 – 50cc – 1972



Frame No: IGM 3815 OM:120666
Engine No: 2730


The Beta Cosmocio 48 – 50cc was manufactured by Beta Motor, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer known for producing a variety of motorcycles, including small-displacement bikes like the Cosmocio.

Introduction in 1972

The 1972 model of the Beta Cosmocio 48 – 50cc was likely introduced as an updated version of the previous models, featuring improvements in design, performance, and reliability.

Frame and Engine Numbers

The frame number (IGM 3815 OM:120666) and engine number (2730) provided are unique identifiers for the motorcycle. These numbers are crucial for registration, identification, and tracking the history of the bike.

Technical Specifications

The Beta Cosmocio 48 – 50cc from 1972 would have been equipped with a small-displacement engine, likely around 48-50cc, providing adequate power for urban commuting and short-distance travel. The frame would have been designed for stability and maneuverability in city traffic.

Stylish Design

Italian motorcycles are known for their stylish design elements, and the Beta Cosmocio would have featured sleek lines, chrome accents, and attention to aesthetic details, typical of motorcycles of the era.


The Beta Cosmocio was designed to off er practical transportation, with a compact size and lightweight construction making it suitable for navigating urban environments. Its ease of use and fuel efficiency would have made it popular among city commuters.

Cultural Significance

Small-displacement motorcycles like the Beta Cosmocio played a significant role in post-war Italy, providing affordable and accessible transportation for millions of people. They became symbols of freedom, mobility, and youthful independence.

Historical Legacy

The Beta Cosmocio from 1972 represents a chapter in the history of Italian motorcycle manufacturing, reflecting the industry’s focus on innovation and meeting the transportation needs of a growing population.

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