Dayton Albatross Scooter – 1955



Serial No: 000239

The Dayton Albatross Scooter was a product of the Dayton Motorcycle Company, a British motorcycle manufacturer based in Birmingham, England. Here are some interesting and important details about the Dayton Albatross Scooter:

Italian Heritage

The Cimatti Sagittario S6 is part of Italy’s renowned motorcycle manufacturing history. Italian motorcycles are celebrated for their craftsmanship, performance, and style.

Introduction in the 1950’s

The Dayton Albatross Scooter was introduced in 1955, during a period of increasing popularity for scooters as affordable and practical transportation solutions.

British Manufacturing

The Dayton Motorcycle Company was a prominent motorcycle manufacturer in Britain, known for producing a range of motorcycles and scooters for domestic and export markets.

Stylish Design

The Dayton Albatross Scooter likely featured a sleek and stylish design, typical of scooters of the era. It would have had a streamlined body, enclosed engine, and modern styling cues.

Affordable Transportation

Scooters like the Dayton Albatross were popular choices for urban commuters and individuals looking for economical transportation. They offered fuel-efficient travel and ease of maneuverability in congested city streets.

Cultural Impact

Scooters played a significant role in post-war Europe, providing affordable and accessible transportation for millions of people. They became symbols of freedom, mobility, and youthful rebellion, particularly among younger riders.


The Dayton Albatross Scooter would have incorporated the latest technological advancements of the time, such as efficient two-stroke engines, automatic transmissions, and electric starters.

Historical Legacy

The Dayton Albatross Scooter is part of the rich history of British motorcycle manufacturing, representing an era of innovation and expansion in the industry.

Collector’s Item

Vintage scooters, including the Dayton Albatross, are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Restored examples are prized for their historical significance, craftsmanship, and unique design, making them valuable additions to any motorcycle collection.

Overall, the Dayton Albatross Scooter from 1955 is a classic example of British scooter design and manufacturing, embodying the practicality, style, and innovation of scooters from the mid-20th century.

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