Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis – 1960

Frame No: 76.942

Engine No: 7293185

Dutch Engineering

The Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis was manufactured by Stokvis, a Dutch company known for its innovative approach to motorcycle design and engineering.

Vintage Rarity

Produced in 1960, the Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis is a rare find, with limited production numbers and a unique place in motorcycle history.

Distinctive Design

The RAP V2 featured a distinctive design aesthetic typical of motorcycles from the 1960s, with stylish curves and retro charm.

Advanced Technology

Despite its vintage origins, the RAP V2 may have incorporated advanced technology and engineering for its time, showcasing Stokvis’ commitment to innovation.

Frame and Engine Numbers

The Frame No (76.942) and Engine No (7293185) provide valuable information for tracking the history and authenticity of this particular RAP V2 model.

Cultural Significance

The Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis represents a unique chapter in motorcycle culture, embodying the spirit of European motorcycling during the mid-20th century.

Collector’s Item

Due to its rarity and vintage status, the Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, commanding attention and value in the vintage motorcycle market.

Legacy of Innovation

The RAP V2 Stokvis reflects Stokvis’ legacy of innovation and craftsmanship, contributing to the rich tapestry of motorcycle history.


The Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis was manufactured by Stokvis & Sons, a Dutch bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer.


The RAP V2 was introduced in 1960, representing a period of innovation and expansion for Stokvis & Sons in the motorcycle market. It aimed to provide riders with a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

Frame and Engine Numbers

The provided frame number (76.942) and engine number (7293185) serve as unique identifiers for the motorcycle, crucial for registration, identification, and historical documentation purposes.

Technical Specifications

The Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis was equipped with a two-stroke engine, although specific technical specifications may vary depending on the model and configuration. It likely featured a manual transmission and other standard motorcycle components of the era.

Stylish Design

The RAP V2 boasted a stylish and functional design characteristic of motorcycles of the era. Its streamlined bodywork, chrome accents, and attention to detail contributed to its aesthetic appeal.


With its reliable performance and durable construction, the Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis was practical for riders seeking an economical and reliable mode of transportation for daily commuting and leisure riding.

Cultural Significance

The RAP V2 held cultural significance as a symbol of mobility and freedom for riders, particularly in the Netherlands where Stokvis & Sons was based. It represented the convenience and independence associated with motorcycling during the mid-20th century.

Historical Legacy

The Imperial RAP V2 Stokvis left a lasting legacy in the motorcycle industry, reflecting Stokvis & Sons’ contribution to the development of motorcycles in the Netherlands. It remains a nostalgic reminder of a bygone era of motorcycling.


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