DKW Hobby Scooter 1955



The DKW Hobby Scooter 1955 was manufactured by DKW, a German motorcycle and car manufacturer. DKW (Dampf-Kraft-Wagen) was originally founded in 1916, and it became one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world during the 1920s and 1930s.

DKW entered the post-war scooter market with the Hobby in 1954.

The 75cc single-cylinder pull start two-stroke engine claimed 37mph top speed with one person aboard, 32 mph with pillion, and 139 miles per gallon.

Features included a clutched 3-speed semi-automatic belt-drive transmission, telescopic forks and larger wheels than the competition. Hobby productions ceased in 1956 after around 40,000 were built, though it continued under license in France.


Produced by DKW, a respected German company with a long history in both motorcycle and car manufacturing.

Introduction in 1955

Debuting in 1955, the DKW Hobby Scooter mirrored the evolving personal transportation landscape post-World War II.

Engine Specifications

Typically outfitted with a two-stroke engine, a common feature among scooters of its time, known for simplicity and efficiency.

Distinctive Design

Sporting a unique design emblematic of 1950s styling trends, setting it apart from its contemporaries.

European Popularity

Enjoyed widespread popularity in Europe, particularly as an economical and practical transport choice during the post-war economic resurgence.

Economic Appeal

Favoured for its fuel efficiency and user-friendly nature, aligning with the economic needs of urban commuters during the 1950s.

Influence on Modern Scooters

The design and engineering principles of the DKW Hobby Scooter have left a lasting impact on the evolution of modern scooters.

Durability & Reliability

Built upon DKW’s reputation for crafting durable and reliable motorcycles and scooters.

Collectible Status

Vintage DKW Hobby Scooters, prized for their unique designs and historical significance, are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Restoration Projects

Restoration endeavours aim to revive these vintage scooters to their former glory, though acquiring original parts can pose a challenge.

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