Legacy Honda C110 – 1964



Frame No: C110-402514

Engine No: C110E-138041

Japanese Engineering

The Legacy Honda C110 was crafted by Honda, a pioneering Japanese motorcycle manufacturer known for its innovation and reliability.

Classic Design

Produced in 1964, the C110 boasts a timeless design that captures the essence of 1960s motorcycle styling, featuring sleek lines and elegant curves.

Legendary Status

The C110, part of Honda’s Cub series, holds a legendary status as one of the most iconic and enduring motorcycle models ever produced.

Compact Power

Despite its small size, the C110 offered impressive performance and reliability, thanks to Honda’s advanced engineering and efficient design.

Versatile Usage

The C110 was versatile, serving as a practical commuter bike, a reliable mode of transportation, and even a beloved family vehicle in some parts of the world.

Collector’s Item

As a classic Honda model with a rich heritage, the C110 is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, fetching significant value in the vintage motorcycle market.

Cultural Impact

The Legacy Honda C110 left a lasting impact on motorcycle culture worldwide, influencing subsequent generations of motorcycles and riders.

Continued Legacy

Even decades after its production, the C110 continues to be celebrated and admired by motorcycle enthusiasts, showcasing Honda’s enduring legacy in the industry.


The Honda C110 was manufactured by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., a Japanese multinational corporation known for its innovative motorcycles and automotive products.


The C110 was introduced in 1964, representing a period of significant growth and expansion for Honda in the global motorcycle market. It aimed to provide riders with a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

Frame and Engine Numbers

The provided frame number (C110-402514) and engine number (C110E-138041) serve as unique identifiers for the motorcycle, crucial for registration, identification, and historical documentation purposes.

Technical Specifications

The Honda C110 was equipped with a four-stroke, 49cc engine, delivering sufficient power for urban commuting and short-distance travel. Its lightweight construction and smooth performance made it ideal for novice and experienced riders alike.

Stylish Design

The C110 boasted a stylish and sleek design characteristic of Honda motorcycles of the era. Its streamlined bodywork, chrome accents, and attention to detail contributed to its aesthetic appeal.


With its small engine size and efficient performance, the Honda C110 was practical for riders seeking an economical and reliable mode of transportation for daily commuting and leisure riding.

Cultural Significance

The Honda C110 held cultural significance as a symbol of mobility and freedom for riders, particularly in urban areas where motorcycles provided convenient and efficient transportation options. It represented Honda’s commitment to innovation and quality craftsmanship.

Historical Legacy

The C110 left a lasting legacy in the motorcycle industry, reflecting Honda’s emergence as a dominant force in the global motorcycle market. It remains a cherished collector’s item among enthusiasts for its design, performance, and historical significance.


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