Ducati 175T – 1960



Frame No: DM175 06654

Engine No: DM175 06847


  • Engine: 175cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine
  • Power: Approximately 12 horsepower
  • Transmission: Manual, typically 4-speed gearbox
  • Top Speed: Approximately 75-80 mph (121-129 km/h)
  • Weight: Around 110-120 kg (243-265 lbs)
  • Fuel Capacity: Approximately 10 liters
  • Brakes: Drum brakes, front and rear

Manufacturer Design:

  • The Ducati 175T was meticulously designed by Ducati, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, to offer a blend of performance, reliability, and style.
  • Its frame, likely made from steel tubing, was engineered for durability and stability, providing excellent handling characteristics on various road surfaces.
  • The four-stroke engine was crafted to deliver smooth power delivery and optimal fuel efficiency, making it suitable for both daily commuting and longer touring trips.


  • The Ducati 175T contributed significantly to Ducati’s reputation for producing high-quality motorcycles renowned for their performance and craftsmanship.
  • Ducati, with its origins dating back to 1926, has a rich heritage of manufacturing motorcycles that embody Italian engineering excellence and innovation.
  • The 175T, along with other Ducati models of the era, played a pivotal role in establishing Ducati as a prominent player in the motorcycle industry, particularly in the middleweight segment.

Most Interesting and Important Facts:

  • The Ducati 175T was celebrated for its versatility, offering riders a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience suitable for various riding conditions and purposes.
  • Despite its relatively small engine displacement, the 175T boasted impressive performance figures, including a top speed of around 75-80 mph, making it a competitive option in its class.
  • Ducati’s commitment to quality and innovation was evident in the meticulous design and engineering of the 175T, ensuring a satisfying and reliable ownership experience for riders.

Additional Information:

  • The Frame No: DM175 06654 and Engine No: DM175 06847 serve as unique identifiers for the specific motorcycle, allowing enthusiasts and collectors to trace its history and authenticity.
  • Ducati’s legacy continued to grow throughout the 1960s, with the company introducing a range of innovative motorcycles that captivated riders around the world.
  • Today, the Ducati 175T remains a cherished collector’s item among enthusiasts, reflecting Ducati’s enduring legacy and influence in the motorcycle industry.


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