Ducati 60 – 60cc – 1949




Frame No: 13200 Engine No: G5675


  • Engine: 60cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine
  • Power: Approximately 1-2 horsepower
  • Transmission: Manual, typically 3-speed gearbox
  • Top Speed: Approximately 30-35 mph (48-56 km/h)
  • Weight: Around 45-50 kg (99-110 lbs)
  • Fuel Capacity: Approximately 2-3 liters
  • Brakes: Drum brakes, front and rear

Manufacturer Design:

  • The Ducati 60 was designed by Ducati, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, with a focus on providing economical and practical transportation for urban commuters.
  • Its frame was likely constructed using steel tubing or pressed steel for durability and rigidity, offering stability and ease of handling for riders of varying skill levels.
  • The two-stroke engine was designed for efficiency and ease of maintenance, making it suitable for short-distance travel and daily commuting.


  • The Ducati 60 played a significant role in post-war Italy as a reliable and affordable mode of transportation for individuals and families.
  • Ducati, founded in 1926, has a long history of producing motorcycles known for their performance, style, and engineering excellence.
  • The Ducati 60, along with other models from Ducati’s lineup, helped establish the brand as a trusted name in the motorcycle industry, particularly in the lightweight segment.

Most Interesting and Important Facts:

  • The Ducati 60 was celebrated for its simplicity, reliability, and ease of use, making it popular among novice riders and experienced motorcyclists alike.
  • Despite its small engine size, the Ducati 60 offered respectable performance and agility, making it well-suited for navigating congested city streets and urban environments.
  • Ducati’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the Ducati 60’s design and engineering, ensuring a satisfying and reliable riding experience for its owners.

Additional Information:

  • The Frame No: 13200 and Engine No: G5675 serve as unique identifiers for the specific motorcycle, allowing enthusiasts and collectors to trace its history and authenticity.
  • Ducati’s production of motorcycles expanded throughout the mid-20th century, with the company introducing a wide range of models catering to different segments of the market.
  • Today, the Ducati 60 remains a cherished collector’s item among enthusiasts, reflecting Ducati’s enduring legacy and influence in the motorcycle industry.


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