Iso series II Scooter – 125cc – 1949



Frame No: 10427

Engine No: 1919


Iso, an Italian automotive and motorcycle manufacturer, produced the Series II Scooter 125cc in 1949, reflecting the post-war era’s demand for affordable and efficient transportation solutions.


Engine: The Series II Scooter is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine, providing adequate power for urban commuting.

Frame No: The unique identifier for the frame is 10427, allowing for traceability and identification.

Engine No: The engine is marked with serial number 1919, indicating its production sequence.

Transmission: Equipped with a manual gearbox, offering riders control over speed and acceleration.

Suspension: Features front and rear suspension systems, providing comfort and stability over various road surfaces.

Brakes: Utilizes drum brakes for reliable stopping power in urban traffic conditions.

Weight: Designed with a lightweight frame for maneuverability and ease of handling.

Dimensions: Compact dimensions tailored for urban mobility and ease of parking.

Fuel capacity: With a modest fuel tank capacity, it provides sufficient range for short to medium-distance trips.

Manufacturer Design:

Iso designed the Series II Scooter with simplicity and practicality in mind, aiming to offer an accessible transportation option for the masses.

The frame construction is sturdy yet lightweight, ensuring durability and agility on city streets.

The styling is characterized by clean lines and minimalistic aesthetics, reflecting the utilitarian nature of the scooter.


The Iso Series II Scooter played a significant role in post-war Italy’s transportation landscape, providing affordable mobility to countless individuals.

Its reliability and efficiency cemented Iso’s reputation as a manufacturer of practical and dependable vehicles.

While production ceased decades ago, the Series II Scooter remains an enduring symbol of Iso’s contribution to motorcycle history.

Interesting Facts:

Despite its modest engine displacement, the Series II Scooter offered respectable performance and fuel efficiency, making it a popular choice for urban commuters.

Iso’s decision to focus on scooters during the post-war period helped meet the demand for affordable and economical transportation solutions in war-torn Europe.

The Series II Scooter’s timeless design and practical features continue to attract vintage scooter enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.


Vintage Iso Series II Scooters, especially those from the early production years like 1949, are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Factors contributing to its collectibility include its historical significance, limited availability, and unique design.

Well-preserved examples of the Series II Scooter, with matching frame and engine numbers, command significant value in the collector market.

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