Lambretta LD150 Series III – 1958



Frame No.: 300372

Engine No.: 319554

The Lambretta LD150 Series III, manufactured in 1958, had the Frame No: 300372 and Engine No: 319554. A total of 113,853 units of the LD150 were produced between 1957 and 1958. The power output of the LD150 was 6 horsepower at 4,600 rpm.

The LD150 was the latest iteration of the Lambretta LD, presented to the press on February 2, 1957, at the Innocenti factory. Nicknamed “57,” it marked the final shaft-driven Lambretta with dual cores, a design dating back to the original Lambretta 125 A. Subsequently, Innocenti adopted a more straightforward and cost-effective chain-driven transmission sealed in oil.

The LD 57 featured various mechanical and aesthetic improvements, making it a reliable and elegant scooter. Notable changes included a redesigned starter with an epicyclical wheel and cylindrical gears, addressing previous starting issues. An innovative air intake for the carburetor, situated under the rear seat, reduced carburetor noise. Protective coverings for the drum brakes and an extended muffler tube were also introduced.

Bodywork modifications included improved handlebars with an aluminum finish housing the tachometer and horn. The glovebox was relocated from behind the front legshield to behind the rear saddle, incorporated into the frame. The electrical system saw enhancements, with improved switches, a larger taillight, and a chrome anti-reflective “hood” on the front headlamp. In the Italian market, the 150cc version was offered in an elegant two-tone paint scheme, allowing buyers to choose side panel, horn cover, and handlebar colors from options like blue, red, beige, and green.

Production of the LD 57 concluded in July 1958, with a total of 113,853 units produced.


The Lambretta LD150 Series III, manufactured in 1958, represents an iconic era of Italian scooter design and engineering.

Produced by Lambretta, a renowned Italian manufacturer, the LD150 Series III is celebrated for its timeless style and practicality.


Engine: The LD150 Series III is powered by a reliable 150cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine, offering smooth performance for city commuting and leisure riding.

Frame No: The frame is identified as 300372, serving as a unique identifier for registration and traceability purposes.

Engine No: The engine is marked with serial number 319554, indicating its production sequence and variant identification.

Transmission: Equipped with a manual gearbox, typically featuring multiple gears for optimal performance and adaptability to various riding conditions.

Suspension: Features front and rear suspension systems, providing a comfortable ride over uneven road surfaces.

Brakes: Utilizes drum brakes, both front and rear, for reliable stopping power under typical riding conditions.

Weight: Constructed with lightweight materials, ensuring ease of handling and maneuverability.

Dimensions: Compact dimensions are tailored for urban mobility and efficient parking in tight spaces.

Fuel capacity: Features a sufficient fuel tank capacity suitable for short to medium-distance rides.

Manufacturer Design:

The Lambretta LD150 Series III was designed with a blend of style, practicality, and reliability, catering to the needs of urban commuters and leisure riders.

The scooter’s frame construction prioritizes stability and durability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Styling cues reflect the design trends of the era, with a sleek and elegant aesthetic that remains iconic in the scooter world.


The Lambretta LD150 Series III holds a significant legacy as a versatile and reliable urban transportation solution, favored by commuters and enthusiasts alike.

Its reputation for durability and efficiency solidified Lambretta’s position as a respected manufacturer in the scooter industry.

While production ceased decades ago, the LD150 Series III remains a cherished collector’s item, representing Lambretta’s contribution to scooter history.

Interesting Facts:

The LD150 Series III featured advanced engineering for its time, with innovative design elements aimed at enhancing performance and reliability.

Despite its modest engine displacement, the LD150 Series III offered spirited performance and nimble handling, making it a popular choice for urban commuting and recreational riding.

The scooter’s compact size and lightweight design made it easy to handle for riders of all skill levels, contributing to its widespread popularity.


Vintage Lambretta LD150 Series III scooters, especially those from the 1958 production year, are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Factors contributing to its collectibility include its historical significance, unique design, and association with Lambretta’s heritage.

Well-preserved examples of the LD150 Series III, with matching frame and engine numbers, command significant value in the collector market.


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