Moto Morini 3M Sport 1960




Frame No: MNST00 6329

Engine No: MNST 006329


Engine: 172cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine

Power: Approximately 12 horsepower

Transmission: Manual, typically 4-speed gearbox

Top Speed: Approximately 75-80 mph (120-129 km/h)

Weight: Around 120-130 kg (265-286 lbs)

Fuel Capacity: Approximately 10-12 liters

Brakes: Drum brakes, front and rear

Manufacturer Design:

The Moto Morini 3M Sport 1960 was designed as a lightweight and agile motorcycle suitable for sport riding and touring.

Its frame was likely constructed using tubular steel, providing a balance of strength and weight savings for enhanced performance.

The four-stroke engine was designed for smooth power delivery and reliability, offering spirited performance and long-distance cruising capabilities.


The Moto Morini 3M Sport 1960 holds a legacy as one of Moto Morini’s iconic motorcycles, renowned for its performance, handling, and distinctive design.

Moto Morini, founded in 1937, has a storied history of manufacturing motorcycles known for their Italian craftsmanship, innovation, and racing pedigree.

The 3M Sport played a significant role in establishing Moto Morini as a respected manufacturer of sport motorcycles during the mid-20th century, particularly in the European market.

Most Interesting and Important Facts:

The 3M Sport 1960 was designed with a focus on performance and handling, featuring a responsive chassis, advanced suspension, and powerful engine for spirited riding.

Despite its modest engine displacement, the 3M Sport offered impressive power and acceleration, making it well-suited for both spirited riding on winding roads and long-distance touring.

Moto Morini’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the 3M Sport’s design and engineering, ensuring a thrilling and rewarding riding experience for its owners.

Additional Information:

The Frame No: MNST00 6329 and Engine No: MNST 006329 serve as unique identifiers for the specific motorcycle, allowing enthusiasts and collectors to trace its history and authenticity.

Moto Morini’s production of motorcycles expanded throughout the 20th century, with the company introducing a wide range of models catering to different segments of the market.

Today, the Moto Morini 3M Sport 1960 remains a cherished collector’s item among enthusiasts, reflecting Moto Morini’s enduring legacy and influence in the motorcycle industry.


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